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Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd (RCBL)

Venturing into unfamiliar territory is always associated with risk. While you can reap rich dividends from doing business in Bangladesh, handling its various complexities can be quite daunting. Your search for a helping hand, a business representative in Bangladesh, ends right here!

Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd can assist you to negotiate through the hurdles by providing a reliable and trustworthy support network, and acting as your business representative in Bangladesh. We offer end-to-end solutions to translate your global vision into reality. With our services, you can establish your presence quickly and make the transition process a smooth one.

Business Representative Services Bangladesh

Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd can take on the representation of your company in Bangladesh, including all marketing activities, and can assist you in setting up your local company and in building up a network of representatives in the south Asian countries. In addition, we can act as an intermediary, providing you with contacts right up to the highest circles in business, society and politics, thus strengthening your business and helping you find new markets.

A complicated legal situation in Bangladesh creates difficulties for foreign companies who want to set up a local representative office. Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd can help you with useful advice, for example on choosing a name for your new company or looking for a local sponsor.

In order to find out whether it is worth your while setting up a local company, the Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd can carry out market research for you. You can then use the results as a basis when setting up your company.

To draw attention to your company, the Redolence Corporation Bangladesh Ltd can take on the following tasks in marketing your company:

Booking of advertising and choice of suitable newspapers
Event organization
Printing advertising material

Finally, we can support you in setting up a network of representatives by:

Business planning and consulting
Managing business activities in Bangladesh
Being an extension of our client companies for marketing and sourcing of products and services.
Maintaining communication with client companies and providing periodic reports for monitoring progress

Business Areas

Industrial Marketing (industrial goods and services)
Retail Marketing
Electrical Marketing
Project Coordination (industrial, technology, retail and social sector related)
Sourcing Services